2016 Home Trends: Love It or Leave It?

Picture1Each year we attend a three-day event through the NAHB’s International Builders’ Show® (IBS). This year, the theme was Discover the Building Universe and IBS kicked-off with comedian Jay Leno. Each session was jammed packed and full of interactive conversations.

We took several hours each day to explore unique products and innovative concepts. We carefully selected products to bring into our design center. We love working with our clients to find products that connect with their personality and lifestyle.

After we learned all about the upcoming trends, we were curious what our community would think. This where we came up with the Love it or Leave It campaign.

For the month of March & April, we are going to post a photo on Facebook each week and we want you to tell us if you Love It or if you wouldn’t be caught with it in your home!

Ready for a sneak peak of our Love It or Leave It Campaign?

Are you looking for your kitchen to make a statement while showcasing your personality? Beautiful vibrant countertops are one way to turn up the heat in the kitchen!


Brass is back! It is reinvented with a modern and sophisticated look. It’s ready to be added as a kitchen accent; from hardware to plumbing.


Check out these highly organized, easy to store, under cabinet refrigerators. It’s great for the healthy lifestyle that requires fresh grab and go food.


Reclaimed wood is a great way to add a truly unique feel. Some of the reclaimed wood on the market is even adding color! What do you think?

If you love entertaining and you love wine, a wine wall could be your next piece of art!


Are you willing to showoff your wild side in the neighborhood, or do you prefer something more traditional? Tell us what door you would choose!


Do your children love bubble baths?


Here is a perfectly sized toddler bathroom. Do your children get their own bathroom?


We all love kitchen islands; would you love it more if it had a sink for food prep?


You could glam up anything with some sparkly tiles, right?


Be sure to head over to our Facebook Page. We’d love to hear your thoughts!